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Search Engine Marketing - The Search Agency UK's Holistic Approach 


The Search Agency UK views our search marketing work as results driven; we focus on securing more leads, more sales and more conversions for our clients.


Our team of search marketing specialists will thoroughly analyse your website to ensure SEO strategy and PPC (SEM) campaigns effectively build your online presence and, ultimately, meet your goals. We combine the use of an immersive account management process with proprietary technology tools in order to develop a collaborative relationship between the agency and client; what we call our ‘High Tech, High Touch’ approach.


The Search Agency believes a holistic approach to online marketing delivers the best return on investment for our clients. In both paid and earned media our expert team of search marketers will constantly monitor and optimise your website. Our SEO tests look for ways to improve traffic volume, driving conversions, and our paid search advertising campaigns involve constant reviews of bid pricing and positioning. This is why we value the Consumer Decision Journey when we develop our integrated strategies for our clients.


What Is The Consumer Decision Journey?


The Consumer Decision Journey breaks down consumer behaviour and relates to digital steps taken by consumers. Each stage of the decision making process can be influenced and managed by a series of marketing touch points. Search marketers focus on the Consumer Decision Journey model to construct integrated strategies which lead to eventual sales and conversions. New advancements in technology and access to product information have prompted a more in-depth study of consumer behaviour and purchase decisions.


The modern Consumer Decision Journey model is defined by five stages: 


  • Consideration   Source:  McKinsey & Company
  • Evaluation
  • Buy
  • Experience & Advocate
  • Bond 






Source:  McKinsey & Company




We use the consumer decision journey as the foundation for our proven cross-channel services. Find out more about our holistic approach to Paid Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation through our h(Paid) and h(SEO) channels.