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Competitive Landscape

Competitive Landscape analysis identifies your competitors online and offline. It involves a systematic analysis of the current environment and what they are doing in the organic search space.
The best way to compete is to equip yourself with in depth knowledge of what your competitors are doing. Knowing where you rank compared to your competitors creates the foundation of any search engine optimization strategy and gives you a baseline to measure your results.

The competitive landscape is fluid. Your competitors are actively improving their organic search ranks. Maybe they hired a solid SEO firm to help in improving the quality of organic site content. In addition, search engine spiders s are crawling web sites 24/7 and supplementing their index with new content. If Google adds 10 million new pages to their index, chances are that 10 to 10,000 new pages have just been added to your competitive business area and probably even your target keywords.
The Search Agency methodology for monitoring the competitive landscape includes:
  •  Competitor SEO Analysis: We identify key competitors in your space and analyze their strengths and weaknesses in the areas of content optimization, promotional and linking strategies, and target keywords.
  •  Competitor Features: We review unique features of your competitors’ site(s) content and product offerings and analyze the impact of those features in producing high level organic search results.
  •  Navigation: We evaluate the architecture of each of your significant competitors' sites to determine the impact of site structure of their sites on organic rankings and the competitive landscape.