Overview Questions

  • Name of Search
  • Contact Address1567 Argyle Street. Halifax. Nova Scotia. B3J 2B2 Canada
  • Phone Number877.644.3643
  • Contact
  • Year Founded1999
  • Company
  • Subsidiary Search Sites

Financial Status

  • Public or Private?Private
  • Primary Investors?

Traffic Questions

  • Source(s) of advertiser traffic 
  • For the sources listed above, what are the respective program names?Genieknows content, Smartgenie toolbar, Global Feed
  • Can you choose your source of traffic (i.e. content, popups, search box)?Yes
  • Can you buy single distributions (i.e. only content from certain sites)?Yes
  • Is the content on the results page(s) backfilled by another search engine(s)?A small %
  • If so who?Private Information
  • Where do you geographically focus? 
  • Key brands/Primary Traffic PartnersOver 900 partners
  • How many "searches" / month? 1.2 Billion
  • How many clicks to advertisers per month? 
  • Any Industry specialization? 

Validation of Clicks

  • Do you protect against invalid clicks?Yes
  • How do you determine if a click is invalid?We have several automated screening process and polices pertaining to click validity one of them being if an ad is clicked on more than twice in a 24 hour time by the same IP Address we do not charge the advertiser for any additional clicks after the seco
  • What is your refund policy if clicks are determined to be invalid?Refunds are issued from our accounting department
  • Is this an automatic process, or is it client initiated? 

Advertiser Economics

  • How does the Advertiser pay? 
  • How is pricing determined? 

Contractual Obligations

  • Is there a minimum monthly spend?No
  • If so, what is the minimum spend?
  • Is there a Setup Fee?Yes
  • If so, what is the fee?$50 U.S. - which is used towards adspend
  • What Payment Methods are accepted? 
  • If you accept credit card as payment, is Automatic Billing Required?No
  • Is there a minimum time commitment?No
  • If so, what is it? 
  • When can the service be terminated?24 hours
  • How is the service terminated? 

Ease of Use

  • Do you have a web-based interface?Yes
  • If so, what can I do with it? 
  • Do you provide tracking? 
  • If so, what kind? 
  • If you provide tracking, how many unique conversions can you track? 
  • If you provide tracking, can you track CPA or ROAS? If so which one? 
  • Do you have an API feed?No
  • If so, what are the requirements to get the API? 
  • Is there a cost for the API? 

Budget Management

  • If you provide budget management, can you track spend on a daily basis?
  • If so, can you set daily budget caps?
  • If so, are these daily caps hard caps or soft limits?
  • Can you spread your daily budget over 24 hours, or does the system pause the account once the daily budget is hit?
  • How can advertisers pause their campaign? 

Editorial Guidelines

  • What are your editorial (words used) guidelines for headlines?Number + text
  • What are your editorial (words used) guidelines for descriptions?Number + text
  • What are your editorial (words used) guidelines for display URL's?Number + text
  • What are your editorial (words used) guidelines for destination URL's?Number + text

Customer Service and Account Management

  • Do you provide Customer Service?Yes
  • Do you provide Account Mangement?Yes
  • If so, are there different levels of service?No
  • If you provide Account Management is it pooled or dedicated?Dedicated
  • What kind of service does your Account Management team provide? 
  • When is Account Management available?9 a.m. - 5 p.m. AST 
  • When is Customer Service available?10 a.m. - 5 p.m. AST
  • How can customer service be reached? 
  • Do you have standard presentations available for distribution to potential advertisers?Yes
  • If so, how can one obtain a presentation? 

Affiliate Programs

  • Do you offer an affiliate program?Yes
  • If so, is your affiliate program for traffic or new advertisers?Both 
  • For traffic, do you pay a percentage of revenue, a one time fee, or a flat fee?% of revenue
  • If so, what is the amount? 
  • For new advertisers, do you pay a percentage of revenue, a one time fee, or a flat fee? % of revenue
  • If so, what is the amount? 
  • Do you have an affiliate link? 

General Description

  • In under 75 words, please provide a brief description of your search is a premier mid tier Pay Per Click engine that is currently serving 35-40 million searches per day, or roughly 1.2 billion searches per month. is the only Pay per click engine that still offers 1 cent minimum bidding within