ROI-Based Display Advertising

What is Display Advertising?

Advertisers are constantly looking for more ways to generate revenue from their advertising spend. Display advertising and banner advertising are the colourful banners and product ads that often pop up in the middle of an article on your favourite blog or news source.


With online marketing it is very easy to measure success by looking at the number of conversions – registrations, downloads, sales and leads, for example. At The Search Agency we run display advertising campaigns with measurable results in mind, as with the PPC campaigns we manage.


The Search Agency account managers will use in-house ad serving technology to create the most effective creative and messaging for your customers. They analyse the data every day and make the necessary adjustments there and then.

What you probably don’t know…

Our advertising management team consistently sees results when it comes to ROI-based display advertising campaigns. In fact, by running ads from The Search Agency, one client increased conversions 170% in three weeks. It’s important to recognise that Display Advertising is an influential, highly measurable, and often underutilised, direct response medium.


Our team of design and editing experts are knowledgeable about direct-response advertisements and multi-media and ensure the best possible banner advertising strategy and management.

What’s Display Advertising all about?

The account directors at The Search Agency understand the display advertising marketplace. They have considerable experience implementing campaigns across many verticals; our team can design a digital strategy that will see significant ROI. We have considerable negotiating power due to the fact we represent a large number of advertisers and have firm relationships with top-tier networks and publishers.


We will ensure your adverts are seen by the right customers due to strategies of behavioural targeting and search re-targeting.


You can talk to an account team at The Search Agency who will ensure that your company message, landing pages and branding are consistent across all channels. We make sure we understand your online marketing plan and broader business objectives.


If you want to make display media a revenue-generating part of your marketing strategy then please contact us. We can offer you a free audit of your current approach.