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PPC Services from The Search Agency

What is Paid Search?

Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC, also known as SEM, or Search Engine Marketing) places your company’s adverts in a search engine’s sponsored listings at the top of the results page, directly targeting your prospective customers. With PPC you only pay when customers click on your advert to get to your website. Brands bid on keywords that relate to their products or services, delivering targeted advertisements to the right customers.


Paid Search is a unique form of advertising because it can promptly identify the customers interested in your product or service. Can a television commercial or magazine ad do the same?


Success through PPC

A strong PPC advertising campaign is an effective way of driving targeted customers to your site, allowing you to achieve your goals and ensure an impressive ROI. The Search Agency can help you to drive sales if you are looking to build a digital advertising PPC campaign or breathe life into a programme that has levelled off. We keep your budget in mind while achieving maximum conversion rates. PPC advertising provides advertisers with the ideal direct digital marketing method to support online organic visibility while ensuring strong brand visibility. Additionally, PPC supports short term promotion advertising and seasonal advertising initiatives.


PPC Tools

We have extensive experience in Pay-Per-Click management and can help you see measureable improvement in the number of conversions. Operating since 2002, The Search Agency has seen proven results in highly competitive verticals and industries on the web. This is due to a number of paid search marketing strategies and tools. Through our AdMax online marketing platform we are able to track pre-click and post-click metrics including clicks, impressions, reach, exposure, engagement, conversions, costs, transactions, and ROI across all online marketing channels. The numerous dashboards, reports and alerts mean our account managers and clients can devise strategies to maximise account performance by identifying opportunities and responding to challenges.


We can provide you with dedicated account teams of PPC specialists who have the expertise and commitment to ensure the greatest possible advertising return from your Pay-Per-Click campaign. The Search Agency has a proprietary bid optimisation platform which enables us to achieve maximum results on all the keywords in your account. Constant expansion of keyword variations is performed by our experienced paid search editors, after analysis of historical keyword performance. In addition, Ad titles and descriptions undergo constant testing, and are then optimised in order to improve their Quality Score. Ultimately we aim to reduce your costs while achieving a higher position for your ad and increase traffic and sales.


Why choose The Search Agency?

Paid Search is a performance marketer's dream, but only if the right people are running the show. With multiple campaigns running at once, millions of potential keywords to consider, competitive bid auctions, quality score, landing pages, and analytics to worry about, Paid Search can rapidly evolve into a management nightmare.


Let’s be honest, it seems like every digital and online agency provides some sort of Paid Search or PPC Management service these days. As such, we understand that choosing an agency for your company’s PPC management can become an overwhelming process; it’s hard to know who can be trusted to take your Paid Search campaigns to the next level of performance.


Like anything, you will only get what you give. Realistically for the best possible ROI results, you need experienced analysts, creative, and PPC management to manage each ad’s targeted message, ultimately controlling every aspect of ongoing customer interaction through paid search.


We provide a more holistic optimisation approach, h(Paid).


h(Paid) is a consumer-centric approach to paid media marketing that enables performance-driven marketers to profitably engage and convert their target audiences throughout the consumer decision journey. 


The Search Agency account teams deliver strategic insight and growth across these channels using our five pillar approach to holistic paid media management:



Learn more about our h(Paid) services, and if you're ready for a holistic approach to your company's paid media marketing, contact us for your FREE audit today.